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It also has more administrative functions such as the ability to set permissions to your users, use onboarding features and set up your own employee directory. Additionally, your employees are given a platform to request paid time off.

You can’t even spoof your location via a VPN to sign up for the service, because BooksTime requires a US bank account to set up the system. It definitely brightens up our day to see that BooksTime is a company that finds ways to give back to their customers. One of the main banes of SaaS services is the inability to be as fast as the user would like them to be. When the program takes time to load, it irritates the user, sometimes to the point of frustration. You’ll have to contact BooksTime’s customer care team to see what they can do about reversing the payroll or talk about the options you have to sort out the problem. Payroll reports need to be detailed and comprehensive so that you’ll know how much cash the company needs to operate every month.

“Think about something you’re doing today related to hiring, whether it’s how you run your interview process, how you make offers or how you do reference checks. Then imagine doing that same exact process or structure at 10X the volume and try to figure out what in your current approach would keep working and what would break,” he says.

Running Payroll Is Incredibly Easy With BooksTime!

I could go on, but suffice to say that BooksTime is impressive when it comes to benefits administration. Another huge plus with BooksTime is all of the HR tools available.

Hi Katherine, we’re truly sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had with BooksTime. Thank you for providing information about your account — we’ve escalated this to our support team and they will be looking into your two open support cases ASAP. Dragan, we’re sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had as a Concierge customer! We’re taking your issue seriously, and we’ve flagged this to our Concierge support team so they can make sure to get you the support and resolution you need ASAP.

BooksTime review

Its payroll and HR services are excellent and it is an easy, smooth, and functional platform to use that makes payroll a breeze. This is the only trial I have ever done where this has been the case. It’s worth noting that the poor level of customer service relates only to benefits administration.

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Providing state tax details can be an especially complicated process, so BooksTime adds helpful explanations and links to help for this section. BooksTime wins an Editors’ Choice for small business payroll services once again this year, as does OnPay.

You need to have the last pay stub for each quarter of the previous year, plus all pay stubs for the current quarter. BooksTime simplifies this through its exceptionally friendly user interface and by offering free assistance from company specialists. Every competing service we’ve reviewed also offers such support, and they all request similar standard data from you. As you continue on through the setup wizard, you’re also asked to sign required documents and set up workers’ comp. BooksTime provides estimates to help you choose a plan, and then automatically sends payments each period based on your payroll. All payroll services require this documentation, but they may ask for it at different points in setup and in different ways. The final step in the setup wizard involves selecting the right BooksTime plan for your business.

BooksTime allows you to run an unlimited number of payrolls each month, while most competitors charge for this feature. This is useful as most businesses will need to run different payroll schedules for different types of employees. You can also save your payroll and come back to it later if you are unsure – I have not found this feature in any other payroll provider.

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Users are happy with the ability to access their own portal and retrieve tax documents and payment receipts on their own. I would like to see them add internal triggers and reminders if they have not already done so, so the system would notify us of employee birthdays and work anniversaries. They already have a good welcome email implemented on behalf of the new employees, so the potential is there. Product recommendations, vendor rankings, market overview and tips on how to select Payroll Management software for business. If you’re not satisfied with the services you have, you can suspend your contract at any time.

Once you make your selections, your employees can enroll easily through their accounts and payroll deductions will be updated automatically. This reasonably priced small-business software makes it easy to manage payroll, benefits and human resources. This may influence which products we review and write about , but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. However, these errors are having a disproportionate effect in terms of online reviews.

  • BooksTime Payroll, however, integrates with everything from WooCommerce to Insightly CRM.
  • BooksTime positions themselves as a software that’s best suited for small businesses, but quite frankly, their prices do not reflect their position.
  • BooksTime Complete – This costs $39 per month and $12 per additional employee.
  • Tomer London sent a nice response immediately saying he would escalate and help.
  • While BooksTime is no longer offering 50% off its cheapest plan, it is offering one month free for new customers.

BooksTime offers a smarter way to calculate the payroll of your employees. With its full-service payroll features, you can expect several processes to be automated and tracked. This solution automatically files payroll taxes, ensures best-in-class customer service and provides benefits and time-tracking tools. BooksTime is an easy-to-navigate cloud-based human resource management software solution. It’s catered for companies looking for a professional system to track and manage their employees. This comes with a set of powerful features that not only simplifies the payroll and onboarding process but also provides integrations with other popular applications and platforms. The solutions offered in BooksTime help managers and administrators when it comes to onboarding employees, automating payroll and boosting employee morale.

With BooksTime, that’s not a problem at all, especially with their detailed Full Cash Requirements Report, available after you run payroll. Your job will be just to make sure the numbers on screen are correct.

I actually got my issue resolved after waiting for 15 minutes on the phone. But the problem is much deeper for benefits administration. You can only send an email when it comes to historical reporting. So when BooksTime reports an error for benefits reporting, your email may not get a response for months.

You can process payments every month, or every week, and BooksTime will issue 1099s for you at the end of the year. As ledger account a business owner you can use BooksTime to help streamline your processes and save money by avoiding expensive hires.

But as Reeves points out, there are benefits to this outside of simply saving time for the hiring committee. “If things are done correctly, all of these materials were already created as a part of the normal interview process. For a role to be opened, the hiring manager should have a clear summary of what the new hire will do. For the hiring panel to want to make an offer, there should be a clear summary of the interviews, with a debrief to reconcile any flags. And these materials should be used to help set up an onboarding plan for the new hire if an offer is extended and the candidate accepts,” he says. With 3,500-plus health insurance plans, business owners can pick the right ones for their employees and easily synchronize them into their payroll.

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Customer service agent’s MO is to blame and belittle customers. BooksTime has some cash basis nice features and we’ve been using their payroll service for two years.

How much does BooksTime payroll cost?

Starting at $45 per month, BooksTime is available in three plans: Core ($39/month + $6 per user/month), Complete ($39/month + $12 per user/month), and Concierge ($149/month + $12 per user/month). Visit to learn about each plan!

Appointment Scheduling Taking into consideration things such as user-friendliness and customizability, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite appointment schedulers, fit for a variety of business needs. CMS A content management system software allows you to publish content, create a user-friendly web experience, and manage your audience lifecycle. To test its level of service, we contacted the company by phone and live chat Online Accounting numerous times, posing as a small business owner interested in the payroll software. The software integrates with a wide range of programs for accounting, time and attendance, expense management, POS, tax preparation, business operations, learning and development, hiring, banking, and HR. These programs include BooksTime, BooksTime, BooksTime, TSheets, When I Work, On the Clock, Deputy, Clover, Shopify and Expensify.

You can view them directly on the screen or download them as a CSV or PDF . The site includes a good set of report templates, both in the area of payroll itself and HR .

BooksTime review

To avoid lawsuits and incorrect calculations, people turn to cloud-based software solutions like BooksTime to stay on top of their tasks and responsibilities. The dashboard is user-friendly; menu placement is on the left-hand side of the display and is easy to follow. And since BooksTime provides the services that a small business would need vs trying to serve all employers, the interface is not overwhelming, and there’s no steep learning curve. When problems do arise, there is an Online Help Center with answers to frequently asked questions, and live phone support is available.

However, if you don’t have an in-house HR pro or team, the Concierge Plan is the most comprehensive package, but it comes at a price. If you have paid-time-off policies, you can customize these and run reports by date, employee, and the department to see how much time off employees are taking.